Apartmani Falk


Let's start, almost at the front door.
In Paklenica there were many filming locations in Paklenica National Park. There is a small, really small museum here. It is located in the village itself.



Also, almost on the doorstep, the Paklenica National Park.

For hikers or just for strolling there are established ways but also the friends of the climbing sport will find enjoyment here. There are many opportunities for this.

At the entrance you have to pay for the entry. This comes with a rather small price of 60 KN, which is about 8 €. You can then walk in the footsteps of Winnetou.

If you have endurance you can take a break halfway to the summit and have a snack. Strengthened by the break you can continue onwards to the summit. Keep in mind the time you need for the climb is also the time you need to return. Therefore you should always have a look at the time as the park has opening and closing times. These can be found at the entrance.



Here is the "Winnetou" gorge from a bird's-eye view.